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Reviews - 2013 shows

Hannah Smith, Leamington Courier:

A magical night to enjoy A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A not-so-warm night under the stars watching a small cast recite Shakespeare in the woods may struggle to appeal even from the most renowned theatre company.

But for GB’s cast of 13 bringing A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Warwick Castle, the task was effortless and they held the audience transfixed from the opening lines right though to the final bow.

Armed with only the trees behind them and a pair of tatty ass’ ears, the actors were effortless in keeping the audience right with them through every twist in the tale of trickery and love throughout the evening.

Even as the night went on and the blankets came out, the actors managed to kept the audience mesmerised with an infectious energy and vibrancy.

All helped with the many hilarious inserts from the brilliantly played travelling performers ‘The Mechanicals’, as the actors they brought the comical caricatures to life.

They had the audience on side from the moment they gathered on the stage and by the end, had crowds roaring with laughter through the excellently played rendition of the play so humorously plotted throughout the show.

And not forgetting the loved role of Puck who actor, Doug McRobbie brought to life with a cheeky wink and mischievous chuckle.

The performance was hilarious and brilliantly done, and the company more than lived up to its reputation for delivering unforgettable and hugely enjoyable outdoor stage shows.

The cast’s energy and enthusiasm on top of a flawless knowledge of the play made the entire performance effortless and enjoyable for all.

There was no hint of a tried over rehearsed play and it was immediately clear that the professional cast can deliver their stuff just as well as they know it.

Top show, highly recommended - 9 stars (out of 10)

West Sussex Gazette:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare at The Collector Earl’s Garden at Arundel Castle as part of the Arundel Festival.

Too many people shy away from Shakespeare.

They see his work as remote, difficult to understand, too ‘high brow’, and irrelevant to their modern day lives.

But regular audiences at the Arundel Festival know that these prejudices are as misplaced as the floral love juice that Puck sprinkles in the eyes of young lovers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Dressed though it is in exquisitely clever dialogue and pretty poetry, Shakespeare’s work endures because it has an earthy, at times bawdy quality, to which everyone can relate.

It’s true that much of his plotting was almost formulaic - there are recurring themes and devices in all his great works.

But the secret of his success was understanding human nature and revealing it in occasionally a comic and other times brutal light.

Shakespeare may be revered by the linguist for great lines - but his real strength was amazing characterisation and an overwhelming sense of the emotional.

The wonderful GB Theatre Company returned once more this year to the stunning setting of The Collector Earl’s Garden where again they demonstrated just how captivating the Bard’s work remains.

Rich in visual humour and with a style that owes much to slapstick, this production captivates from the outset.

Well designed, perfectly staged, and remaining utterly true to the original, GB Theatre Company is ensuring that Shakespeare is not just remembered but remains wholly relevant.

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